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Recipe Box One | Nailing the Basics

Recipe Box One | Nailing the Basics


Recipe box one is the perfect introduction to Indian cookery and includes a book of 20 recipes, including Tarka Dhal, Paneer or Chicken Tikka, and Chana Masala. You'll get the recipe book alongwith the 6 spices you'll need to cook the entire thing. Together we’ll nail the basics, get comfortable with spices, and make some incredibly tasty Indian food at home. 



Includes a recipe book and the spices you'll need for each recipe. 


Green Cardamom: 'Bold, with a herbal sweetness'. Origin – Guatemala (20g)


Red Chilli Powder (Organic): ‘Hot and fiery’. Country of Origin – Spain (20g)


Cumin Seeds: ‘Rich, musty and woody’. Origin – India (30g)


Coriander Seeds: ‘Subtle with a slight hint of citrus’. Origin – Poland (20g)


Garam Masala: 'A warming blend of cassia, coriander, cloves and ginger'. Origin - Blended in the UK (30g)


Ground Turmeric - Organic: ‘Earthy, and slightly bitter’. Origin – India (30g)




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