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At Indian Spice Company we're on a mission to help you take your Indian cookery to the next level. We offer a wide range of spices commonly used in Indian home cooking. From Asafoetida to White Pepper, and everything in between, we have all your spice needs covered. 

Having lived in India, we've always been left slightly cold by the spices available in the UK. With us, there's no more bland chilli or slightly musty cumin. It's just bold, vibrant spices. ​

Our focus has been to find the best spices possible. All the spices we sell are commonly used in Indian cooking and we source spices from India and around the globe. Each growing region brings a different flavour, and we think we have some of the best spices out there. For example, our Indian turmeric is one of the best we've tried anywhere. Some growing conditions in other countries are perfect for certain spices, for example, Guatemala produces incredible green cardamom. All our spices are single-origin and many are organic. In time, our ambition is to be fully organic. If you look carefully at other spices you buy, you’ll see that they are from 'multiple origins'. We don’t do that. Our spices are always single-origin and we know you’ll taste the difference.


Our Recipe Boxes bring you recipes direct from our kitchen to yours. We’ve cooked a lot of different dals and curries and bring you a great selection of recipes. We are adding new recipe boxes all the time and they're a great way to build your home spice collection whilst cooking some amazing Indian food. 

We love a good kitchen gadget and have sourced some amazing spice equipment to help you raise your spice game. We sell stunning Bernard Leach Pottery Pestle & Mortars and Cuisinart Spice Grinders, which we think are the best in the business. We are growing our selection all the time. 

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